Locum Tenens Staffing

Advantages of
Locum Tenens
Staffing Solutions

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, marked by physician shortages and varying patient demands, locum tenens staffing presents a flexible and efficient solution. Locum tenens physicians are invaluable in scenarios ranging from filling anesthesiology gaps to managing increased patient volumes or covering for physicians on leave, ensuring your facility continues to operate seamlessly.

Solving Real-World Challenges with Locum Tenens

  • Operating Suite Support: Address specialist shortages, averting revenue loss and maintaining your facility's reputation.
  • Relief for Overburdened Practices: Expand capacity in line with patient demand without the long-term overheads of full-time hires.
  • ER Staffing Solutions: Deliver quality care during peak times or staff shortages, upholding patient satisfaction and care standards.
  • Support for Solo Practitioners: Provide continuous patient care while solo practitioners take well-deserved breaks.
  • Bridging Recruitment Gaps: Fill staffing voids during extended recruitment periods, preventing revenue loss and patient dissatisfaction.
  • "Try Before You Buy": Before a permanent contract is signed, both provider and facility can learn about how they run their practice.

The Financial Logic of Locum Tenens:

While there may be concerns about costs, locum tenens physicians often balance their fees by generating significant revenue. They alleviate the need for long-term financial commitments like benefits and malpractice insurance, making them a cost-effective staffing choice.

Beyond Financial Considerations:

Patient Satisfaction:

Timely, quality care boosts patient trust and loyalty.

Referral Confidence:

Ensure consistent, reliable care that maintains the confidence of referring physicians.

Physician Well-being:

Support your permanent staff with breaks and assistance, reducing burnout risks.

Maximizing Return on Investment with Locum Tenens:

Strategic Staffing:

Anticipate and prepare for future staffing needs effectively.

Efficient Onboarding:

Integrate locum tenens physicians swiftly to ensure productivity.

Optimal Scheduling:

Balance patient loads for enhanced efficiency and quality care.

Billing Efficiency:

Employ appropriate billing practices for locum tenens services.

Your Success

Join Forward-Thinking Facilities

Many healthcare facilities and practices nationwide have successfully integrated locum tenens into their staffing models. This approach addresses immediate needs and contributes to the long-term operational and financial stability of your facility.

Take the Next Step

Explore how locum tenens can be a smart, strategic investment for your healthcare facility. Contact Epic Physician Staffing today to learn more about integrating locum tenens into your staffing strategy.


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