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Empowering Your Locum Tenens Journey with Essential Resources

At Epic Physician Staffing, we're committed to ensuring a smooth and rewarding locum tenens experience. This resource hub is designed to simplify your journey, providing key information and necessary tools for Credentialing, Payroll, and State Licensure. With our dedicated support and streamlined processes, you're set for success in every assignment.


Credentialing and licensing are mandatory at every healthcare facility and are governed by standards set by The Joint Commission of Accredited Healthcare Organizations. We ensure that all physicians undergo a thorough credentialing process, helping facilities confirm candidates' ability to provide quality care.


Release Packet

Complete these forms to start processing your application.



Submit your SBG application to initiate the internal credentialing process.


Reference FAQs

Avoid start delays by understanding our 7=4=2 formula for timely references.


Case Log Tips

Guidance for obtaining the required two years of case logs.


Our goal is to make your payment process as smooth as possible. Access our easy-to-use administrative forms and documentation below to expedite your payments.


Form W9


Locums Pay Calendar


Direct Deposit Form


Timesheet with Call & Phone Call Log

Navigating State Licensure for Your Profession

State Licensure

Understanding and obtaining the correct state licensure is a crucial step in your locum tenens journey. To assist you in this process, we've created specialized resources for each discipline we staff. Whether you're a Physician, Surgeon, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant, you'll find tailored information to guide you through state-specific licensure requirements. Click on your profession below to access a detailed map of the US, where you can select your state for more specific information:

Our goal is to simplify the licensure process for you, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional care wherever your career takes you.


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